Study for the Hydrogen Council on Hydrogen Decarbonization Pathways

Authors: Patrick Schmidt, Werner Weindorf
Date: January 2021

In this report for the Hydrogen council, LBST experts in cooperation with McKinsey assess different hydrogen production pathways based on their GHG emissions (study part 1). In addition, three hypothetical hydrogen supply scenarios have been developed, in order to investigate the scalability and influence of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen (study part 2).

The report shows that a low-emission hydrogen supply on large scale is both economically feasible and – if properly implemented – also has significant social benefits. In addition, several low-carbon production pathways for hydrogen are compared that could enable a hydrogen production with low life-cycle emissions. The report also demonstrates that, beside technological aspects, also a fact-based approach is required to identify optimal technology options based on available regional resources. With this, cost-efficient options for a emission reduction of hydrogen production can be selected, which will be required to enable a significant decarbonisation of the entire energy system.

The study “Hydrogen Decarbonisation Pathways” can be downloaded here:

Further information: press release of the Hydrogen Council.


Study for the Hydrogen Council on Hydrogen Decarbonization Pathways