Expertise Energie


The energy system of the future faces major global challenges. The global demand for energy meets fewer conventional energy resources and the fight against climate change requires new ways and concepts. The transformation of established markets and infrastructures has historical implications of unprecedented magnitude. At the same time, the use of innovative technologies and the increasing coupling between the energy sectors are continuously increasing the complexity of systems. For companies, politicians and society as a whole, the desire for clean, affordable and secure energy supply raises new questions that require a deep understanding of the technologies and markets, as well as a good overview of the entire system. At this interface, LBST supports its international clients with in-depth expertise and the rigorous systems approach.


A functioning market needs clear and reliable rules. This applies all the more in a world that is becoming increasingly complex.
Renewable energies are the key to the success of the energy transition. Only by switching the energy supply to clean and sustainable technologies can the energy transition succeed.
The fluctuating and spatially distributed feed-in of renewable energies requires new infrastructures for the transport, distribution and storage of energy.