Energy systems and markets

The various building blocks of the energy transition can only develop their full effect if they fit together perfectly. In this context, not only the technical interaction of the individual system components, but also the right economic and regulatory environment is of great importance. Only when the big picture is right can the transformation of the energy system succeed. With our expertise in modelling markets and energy systems as well as a good understanding of the market, we work with you to develop a forward-looking plan for an optimal energy supply in the future.

In our work, we consistently pursue a systems approach. In doing so, we map the entire energy supply value chain: from generation to distribution and storage to end applications. In this way, we can investigate the possible transformation of the energy system with its diverse techno-economic boundary conditions in a forward-looking and transparent manner. To do this, we use a range of different tools that are customised to the respective issue.

One of the most important tools in this area is our platform for modelling energy systems. It was developed and implemented on the basis of scientific methods explicitly for investigations with a focus on sector coupling along the entire value chain. A particular strength lies in the high flexibility of the calculations and thus in the possible variety of analyses to be carried out. Benefits and costs as well as risks and opportunities are thereby assessed in sufficient detail, while the role of different assumptions and parameters can be examined in a targeted manner in corresponding scenario variants and sensitivity analyses.

In addition, our comprehensive market analyses also provide an excellent overview of current market events and potential developments in the future. Thanks to our broad and excellent network, we have a deep understanding of social and technological developments in markets. Numerous clients from business and politics trust LBST’s reliable assessments.

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