Jan Zerhusen

Senior Project Manager/Consultant

Jan Zerhusen, Senior Project Manager and Consultant, has been working at LBST since 2012.

His current work focuses on the techno-economic analysis of hydrogen supply chains in the national and international context. This includes fossil and renewable hydrogen production, storage, transport, distribution, and hydrogen end-use. In his work, aspects such as technology availability, costs, emissions and overall supply chain efficiencies often play a key role. In the last years, he also had a special focus on hydrogen refuelling stations. With his expertise in this field, he supported a range of European projects such as H2Ref, COSMHYC and COSMHYC XL with techno-economic assessments.

His work further includes, for example, an important international infrastructure study for the European Commission, market studies for low greenhouse gas emissions, and system modelling to assess the economic and environmental benefits of power-to-gas technology. Recently, he was one of the key personnel in a study to assess international hydrogen strategies.

Jan Zerhusen studied mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, with a focus on power plant technology, composite materials and renewable energies.



Photo: Beatrice Vohler www.vohler.com