Carbon footprint and life cycle analysis

CO2 emissions are the currency of the future. To achieve climate neutrality by 2050, a drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is essential in almost all sectors. However, this requires a comprehensive understanding of the actual CO2 footprint of individual processes in order to be able to introduce the right climate protection measures as effectively and efficiently as possible.

We are happy to help you with our well-founded life cycle analyses. Our standard software “E3Database”, which we have been using successfully for many years in numerous projects for our national and international customers, has a reliable and extensive database on individual processes in all energy and consumption sectors. This enables us to provide you with detailed analyses of complex interrelationships of greenhouse gas emissions, the use of energy and other resources.

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Werner Weindorf

Werner Weindorf

  • Senior Researcher

Selected references

January 2021

Pathways to the Decarbonization of Hydrogen

Given the significant increase in hydrogen expected in the coming years, our study for the Hydrogen Council aims to provide a cross-industry perspective of the GHG footprint and other relevant environmental impacts of hydrogen production and applications.


Potential study of green gases

The LBST is working on a potential study on the use of green gases in the region of Central Germany. One aspect is the technical and economic basics of the relevant processes along the entire value chain.


December 2022

Material intensity of hydrogen technologies

The study provides a cross-sectoral perspective on the resource intensity of key hydrogen technologies to cope with the expected significant increase in hydrogen production in the coming decades.