Werner Weindorf

Senior Researcher

Werner Weindorf, Senior Researcher, has been working for Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH (LBST) since 1999.

He is an internationally acknowledged expert in life cycle analyses and techno-economic analyses of energy generation and transport systems and has proven and in-depth knowledge in the fields of renewable energies, bioenergies, energy conversion technologies, process engineering, infrastructure analyses and drive systems.

He was significantly involved in the development of the E3database software, which is mainly used for the calculation of energy and emission balances. He is also co-author of the JEC (Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, EUCAR and CONCAVE) reference work “Well-to-Wheels Analysis of Future Automotive Fuels”.

He studied physical engineering with a focus on technical environmental protection at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.



Photo: Beatrice Vohler www.vohler.com