Renewable energy

Renewable energy is the key to the success of the energy transition. Only by switching our energy supply to clean and sustainable technologies can the necessary reduction of greenhouse emissions be achieved. However, the development and optimal integration of renewable energies into the energy system require broad technical and economic know-how, as well as a deep understanding of the system-relevant interrelationships. With our expertise, we help you make the right decisions for clean energy supply on a small and large scale.

We have in-depth knowledge of the entire range of generation technologies: from wind and solar, bioenergy and biomass to geothermal and other innovative approaches. With our techno-economic analyses, we can not only carry out detailed assessments of the technologies in different spatial and temporal resolutions, but also make statements on the optimal portfolio, possible integration into the energy system and markets, as well as potential assessments from the perspective of different stakeholders.

Contact person

Tetyana Raksha

Tetyana Raksha

  • Senior Project Manager / Consultant

Selected reference projects


September 2019

Biomethane and hydrogen in trans-European energy infrastructures

The study develops an overview of the potential role of biomethane and hydrogen in the EU energy system. The study includes an assessment of the production and import potential.

May 2019

dena-study Bio-LNG

In cooperation with experts from Dena, LBST experts examined the technical, economic, and ecological aspects of bio-LNG, especially in shipping and for supplying trucks.

July 2020

H2 in nationalen energie- and climateplans (NECPs)

The extensive study shows substantial opportunities and potentials for hydrogen technologies in the national energy and climate protection plans of the European member states for the coming decade.