Regulations, codes and standards

Targeted regulations and uniform standards are essential for the successful market introduction of new technologies. For hydrogen, for example, there are many open technical questions with regard to production (certification), transport and delivery to the end user (quality and aggregate state), as well as in fuel cell applications, which are continuously addressed in national and international committees.

Our experts have been involved in this process for many years and can provide competent advice on issues relating to “Regulations, Codes and Standards” (RCS).

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Martin Zerta

Martin Zerta

  • Senior Project Manager / Consultant

Selected references


September 2022


In its role as project coordinator, the LBST leads an industrial consortium made up of various companies to develop a refuelling protocol for heavy goods traffic with pressurized hydrogen.





August 2023

Sino-German Electro-Mobility Innovation and Support Center

We accompany interested cooperation projects between German and Chinese consortia for the market ramp-up of electromobility from the idea to the application to the ongoing project for all relevant projects in which the topic of safety is the focus.

December 2016

RCS-Roadmap Hydrogen

With the development of RCS Roadmap Hydrogen, the aim is to work out the current status, existing gaps, and suggestions for improvement, regulations/laws, standards, and industrial guidelines in the field of hydrogen from a German perspective.