Study: Development paths for the Heavy-Duty H₂ tank infrastructure of the future

Client: LBST in subcontract for BMDV
Region: Germany
Project Completion: May 2022

In subcontract with the partners Spilett, LifteH2, ZBT and ZWS, LBST GmbH examined the status quo and the development of the hydrogen demand at filling stations for the years 2025/2030/ and 2035 in a meta-study for the BMDV. The focus is on long-distance transport of heavy-duty trucks and long-distance coaches.

In various scenarios, H₂ fuel requirements for applications in road traffic (trucks, buses, cars) are estimated for Germany and Europe.

Other topics were options and special conditions for the distribution of hydrogen as well as the development needs of different refuelling technologies.

In addition, the study also dealt with the H₂ requirements that will have to be met at future filling stations.

The timing of the “Technology Readiness Level” and the question of which technology could be available at what time and of possible gaps is presented in the conclusion of the study.