High individual mobility is one of our main achievements. However, after many years of a linear development new solutions are needed due to the challenges such as climate change, environment protection and on-going urbanization. Thereby it is crucial not to sacrifice comfort and individual freedom for an effective emissions reduction.

Accordingly, new technologies are required in all transport modes on roads and for rail as well as in the aviation and maritime segment. This includes innovative propulsion systems as electric vehicles, both with battery and fuels cell systems, as well as e-fuels. We convinced that there is a need for all technologies based on the specific requirements and framework conditions of all transport applications. This is also true for the build-up and operation of the respective charging and refueling infrastructure.

We deal with the challenges of sustainable mobility for many years and support you with your questions and decisions on the following aspects.

Climate change and strict regulations require innovative propulsion systems in form of fuel cell and battery electric vehicles.
Full electrification is not the solution for all transport modes, which is why hydrogen, e-fuels and advanced biofuels are part of future’s fuel mix.
The transition towards a sustainable transport sector will only succeed if the respective charging and refuelling infrastructure is realised in time.