Development of Pathways for “Hydrogen Hubs” in Chile

Authors: Matthias Altmann; Leo Diehl; Reiner Wurster; Martin Zerta
Date: April 2022
LBST, together with ILF Chile and FDC Social, has identified criteria for the location of “hydrogen hubs” in Chile. What is assessed are development pathways and the respective challenges and risks in two regions in order to serve both the national and international hydrogen markets.

Hydrogen hubs are “ecosystems” of hydrogen production, distribution, utilization, innovation and export.

The potential of renewable energies, but also possible synergies with domestic hydrogen markets are important decision-making factors in identifying the Antofagasta region in the north and Magallanes in the south as most promising locations. In order to provide the infrastructure for hydrogen hubs on a GW-scale cumulative investments of over 70 BUSD in Antofagasta and 100 BUSD in Magallanes are anticipated.  Risks identified include – to a lesser extend – environmental damage and potential conflicts with ethnic groups, as well as incomplete spatial planning at both municipal and national levels.

Further action on all levels, such as incentives, planning, or administrative measures are recommended to realize the ambitious plans of Chile’s national hydrogen strategy.

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Development of Pathways for “Hydrogen Hubs” in Chile