End-use applications

Global prosperity depends to a large extent on the availability of affordable energy. Therefore, the efficient use of energy in innovative applications is an important pillar of the energy transition. From the user’s perspective, however, the question arises as to the right technology that best meets their specific requirements. Due to its properties, hydrogen offers a wide range of possible uses and different end applications in industry, mobility, heat or power supply. However, its advantages and disadvantages compared to alternative energy carriers must always be investigated and evaluated on an application-specific basis. Individual technical, economic and regulatory factors play an important role here.

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Hubert Landinger

Hubert Landinger

  • Senior Project Manager / Consultant

Selected references

September 2019


The study considers alternative fuels exclusively in fuel cell drive systems and compares them with diesel drive systems with internal combustion engines that are common today. The analyzes include the entire process chain.


March 2018

Hydrogen in rail transport

In cooperation with TÜV SÜD Rail and Alstom, LBST has carried out a feasibility study on the suitability of using fuel-cell-powered railcars for local passenger transport on two routes in the Leipzig area.


December 2018


As the project coordinator, LBST led a consortium of 13 European partners in the HyLIFT-EUROPE demonstration project funded by the FCH JU for the largest European fleet of industrial trucks with hydrogen and fuel cell drives with 212 devices.