H2 production

Today’s hydrogen production on an industrial scale is based almost entirely on the use of fossil fuels. It is also a by-product of a number of chemical and petrochemical processes. However, due to the steady increase in the cost of CO2 emissions and technological progress, new low-CO2 production processes (above all electrolysis) are increasingly coming to the fore. With greater globalisation, a market is also developing that enables new trade relations for the global import and export of hydrogen. While the plethora of options offers an opportunity for the energy system, it presents individual decision-makers with numerous, yet unresolved questions and challenges. Whether green, blue, turquoise or simply “low-carbon” hydrogen, it is necessary to correctly assess the needs and challenges of the actors involved, recognise market potentials and make the right decisions now – for the long term.

We keep track of the possible supply paths for you and support you in comparing different H2 technologies.

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Christopher Kutz

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